Blind Coin Collector

It's another kind of fun to collect coins if you can't see them.

About me

Dear Reader,


Welcome to the blog.


My name is Tom. I was born totally blind, which is not the first thing I tell people about my self, but for the purpose of the blog it is one of the most important things. The second most important is that I’m a coin collector.

Anybody can collect coins. But when you can’t see the coins, things are different.


In this blog I will tell you all about it. What is fun about coin collecting if you can’t see the coins. How I keep track of the coins, what is interesting and what isn’t.


Besides coin collecting, I’ve been working as an accessibility advisor, helping developers make technology available to people with disabilities.


I have two little girls I spend time with when I’m not working or collecting coins. Ok, I have to admit, I’m trying to win the older one for the hobby. The younger is not at that age yet.


I also enjoy traveling and languages, which is really not far from coin collecting. I guess one is responsible for the other.


If you would like to read more about how the whole thing started, the best place is to start is:
How it started.

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