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It's another kind of fun to collect coins if you can't see them.

Presenting at the Chicago Coin Club

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I sure needed some luck for things to work out just perfectly. I was scheduled to spend a few days in Chicago for work. I emailed the secretary of the Chicago Coin Club, Carl Wolf, to enquirer about their next meeting. It wasn’t totally random, I was already thinking about joining the club, but given that I had no idea when I’d be in Chicago I passed on it last year. So, it turned out that during my stay the club will meet. A few days later I got a request to be the presenter at the October meeting.
Standing at the CCC

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Collecting in Toronto

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Canada 5 Dollars
Recently I got a new work assignment, I will be traveling to train how to make information technology usable for people with disabilities. So, you can imagine. It is not just a job or an assignment, this is something I am passionate about. Both the travel and the work aspect of it. I started in Toronto last week. And there’s no better way to spend free time than experiencing the area, and of course, adding to my collection.

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