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It's another kind of fun to collect coins if you can't see them.

The Blind Friendly Coin Store

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I found the ultimate coin store, just perfect for blind collectors, too. It is called the Stamp and Coin Place. They are located in Washington State, but they sell online. It started when they mentioned my blog in one of their blog posts on Past and Present. So as it usually happens on twitter, I tweeted the post and thanked them for the mention, after which I got a complement about my blog. There the conversation started with Elizabeth, who appeared to have read my blog and understood my challenges as a blind collector. Fast forward, I have made my first purchase from them, but let’s see why.


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Notes on a Birthday

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5 Pengo

Last year I posted my thoughts when this blog turned two. Similarly, here are my thoughts on the exact day when the blog is turning three.

The post last year definitely helped me to evaluate where I was with the blog and where I wanted to take it in the future. Probably the two keywords last year were mainstream and numismatics.


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