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Update on the Coin Description Project

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A quick update on how the coin description project was evolving over the next year, and future plans. You can help if you have ten minutes a week.

You can read how it started. Since this post, I have presented the idea at the World’s Fair of Money in Chicago.

But something didn’t go as expected. I have received only a few descriptions, even though people were very excited about the project. I spent some time to figure out why. And here is the result. When I put instructions together on how to describe, it was way too complex and people didn’t take the time to go through it step by step. Rightly so.

This year I would like to try something different. Practically, no instructions. If you are interested in describing, you can let me know, and I will email you a link to a coin to describe. When you are done, you email me the description and I’ll email you another coin. That’s it. I will worry about the technical background, will format and post the description.

All I’m asking for is ten minutes of your time, once a week, which should be approximately enough to describe one coin. It is not too much time, but it makes a huge impact on the long run.

If you are interested, check what I have so far, and drop me a line.

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