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Descriptions for the Blind

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It’s been years that I have been very interested in having coins described in more detail than what you can find in coin catalogs. Today, I would like to announce a new initiative that has a potential, more than ever to make it happen.

Last year I started collecting coin descriptions on this blog, and I have received quite a bit of feedback about it. Unfortunately, not too good ones. I only found a very few people who were interested in reading about coins, who weren’t able to see them. However, based on the initiatives, many blind people asked me if I could extend this to other objects.

I have listened, and it is available now, on Let The Blind See. I set up a site, where all kinds of objects, including coins, are described, which are too big to touch, or by touching them it is impossible to get information about. The current categories are animals, buildings, coins, logos and plants, but it will be expanded soon.

Currently there are over 150 descriptions. People can also register on the site to add more descriptions. This way, I was able to open a wider audience to promote my coin description project, while providing other information that people were asking for.

You may ask, why such a site, you can find anything on the internet. It is partly true. There is quite a bit of information out there, but much of it assumes vision. When you want to know what a rare coin or the Pentagon looks like, you can find some information about it, but it always ends with a picture. If you can’t see the picture, the minor details are missed. And even if you can find this information, it is quite a bit of research, which this site will spare for people.
If I can find enough people to describe, I’m hoping to have thousands of descriptions on the page, which will be both useful and interesting.

Take a look at it, let me know what you think, and consider adding your own description.

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