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Why date matters

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I have mentioned that I collect by type. Partly, because I cannot tell the date of a coin, so the same type of coin from 2002 and 2003 is the same when you touch it. In this post I would like to tell you why the date of a coin is still important.

When I get a new coin, I always add the date to my catalog. First of all, it is interesting to know. It is fun to associate a coin with a year, and imagine the era it is coming from.

The other interesting aspect is the mintage. Once I know when the coin was minted, I can look up how many of the same coins where minted in the same year, which is also part of my catalog. Mintage is certainly not a reason why I collect coins, but when I find a low mintage coin, I always hold on to it.

The other reason why I need the date is to create a more accurate entry in the catalog. It helps me to identify the KM number.

I also swap coins with others, so once I have a date available, I can provide a better description of what the other person is getting. I can’t imagine swapping without knowing the date. I already have a disadvantage that I don’t keep track of mint marks. It is not a problem in most countries, but in the United States for example, it may matter to my swapping partners.

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